Happy International Podcast Day!!!

Today is a celebration!!

Congratulations to every podcaster who took the leap and decided that their story was worth telling, and made the decision to:

  1. START and;

  2. Do the motherfucking work, and

  3. Keep going

The behind the scenes work that goes into every podcast episode can only be classified as a jobby (job + hobby). I’m going to save the awkward backstory for the one year anniversary of the Fabulous Fuckery™ (10/10 was my first recording session and 10/18 was the date we launched!)

Thank you to the amazing team at 202creates, my Fairy Pod Mother Hilda Gore, the PodFest Fam, Women of Color Podcasters, Yesha of Essence, OSSA Collective, Pods In Color, Stardom to Fandom, DC Podcaster’s Community, Buzzsprout, ILNL, BlerDCon, Prayers, Promises & Profits, and all of my friends, family, and listener-friends!!!

There are currently 700k podcasts available to listen to across the globe and I am grateful for every person who has participated, listened, shared, and touched this project.

Fabulous Fuckery™ is a lifestyle. I thank each of you for taking the challenge to embrace your inner sophisti-ratchet and pledge to emerge fabulously, inspite of life’s fuckery.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for the live and virtual events that will be announced in the coming days!!
New Episodes Start October 11th!!